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Once upon a time in Amsterdam

Once upon a time a girl named Sneji wanted to start her own blog. Even though she is not a native English speaker and blogging is a huge challenge, she decided to dig in and write her first post.

But where do I start?

P. and I decided to spend the 4-day weekend in Amsterdam. So it seems a really good idea for my first blogpost.

Amsterdam is a very special city, not only because of its fairy architecture, but also for its canals, and of course, for the free Wi-Fi, which is available almost everywhere. We didn’t anticipate the fact that we overslept every morning, so we haven’t had a strict planning, where to go and eat.

We started by visiting the Rijksmuseum followed by the famous Van Gogh Museum. The Library of Rijksmuseum is an exquisite place to be. I have a thing about Libraries especially old ones.

We took a boat tour around Amsterdam and the traffic in the canals is quite heavy. The captain managed to avoid several shipwrecks for the 75 minutes tour. We chose the Blue Boat Company, because it was just outside our hotel. P. and I walked a lot and I can fade away between all the small streets and canals and just walk all day long.

If you are looking a place to eat or drink something I recommend De Pijp (The Pipe) or Jordaan district. It is a famous location, where you can find plenty of bars, cafés and restaurants.  Bar Boca’s in Jordaan has the best French fries I ever have eaten. You can also try the Foodhallen, which is well known for its street food.

So here are some photos of our trip. You can see what I choose to wear during our stay in the windy land of Amsterdam.DSC_0031






Hope you like it, and I will be happy to have your feedback, as this is my first blogpost.

Thank you,
Simply Sneji




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