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Christmas in Malaysia – Part 1 Kuala Lumpur

Ok I know that Christmas is already in past year, but I would like to say that I needed some time to sit and write down all my impressions.

You know that Malaysia is called the ‘True Asia’’. For P. and I was our first time in Asia. For me it was a first long haul fly and oh jetlag is a nasty thing.  Flying for 14 hours is not that cool at all, but at the end it was definitely worth the time. Discovering new extraordinary places need some sacrifices such as jetlag.

Finally, P. and I did that long-distance trip that we talked about for so long. Due to our jobs Christmas was the only time to go somewhere and we wanted to go somewhere where the weather is hot during this time of the year.

We visited Kuala Lumpur and Pinang Island for 7 days. In this part I will be sharing with you our experience at Kuala Lumpur.

For P. and I a trip is not waking up at 6 am, walking all day, trying to see everything a tourist can in one day and then to go to sleep at 8 pm.  We consider that even if we don’t see everything we also need to sleep, eat and just take some time off. We really wanted to take a break, relax and enjoy our time in KL.

We stayed at Aloft Hotel Sentral, not only because of the Infinity pool at the 30th floor, but also because it was next to the central train station. At the time of the booking we didn’t know that in KL walking is not an option. To go somewhere you need to take some sort of transport: either a taxi, the metro or a motorcycle. Also, hotels in Malaysia have bells on doors. I have a thing with surprising valets in my pajamas.

You may don’t know, but food is an essential thing for me.

After a really bad experience at Madame Kwan’s at Suria KLCC, our first-time Christmas dinner was a complete disaster. As a result, we decided to keep to the street food and it was definitely worth it. If you have any doubt, please don’t.

P has a really sensitive stomach and he didn’t have any problems with the street food. Chinatown (‘Chee Cheong Kai’) on Petaling Street is not only a big Chinese market where you can find almost everything fake, but it is definitely a good place to find some tasty street food. It is also one of the oldest streets and a famous tourist spot crowed with some of the city’s best cultural sites. I had the most delicious chicken tandoori and cheese naan there. And yes, I am aware we ate Indian food at Chinese market.

Near Petaling Street you can find Sri Mahamariamman Temple and Chinese temples that are hundreds of years old. The Sri Mahamariamman Temple is the oldest Hindu temple in Kuala Lumpur founded in 1873.

We really wanted to do everything like locals, but it was more than obvious that we are tourists. For P.’s 30th birthday we chose something fancier “Nobu” with a beautiful view on the Petronas Towers. The food was very good; everything that the waitress advises us was amazing. The baby tiger shrimp tempura with creamy sauce and the salmon new style sashimi were really tasty. I can do a whole article about food. Yes, I am a food junky.

I found KL people very open-minded and extremely friendly and social. The diversities of the different cultures cohabiting together in Malaysia make it so much amazing to discover.

We also visited the bird park. But if you are scared of birds like me, you can visit the Orchid garden, which for us was a better idea.

If you are travelling with your boyfriend and if as P. he is not really into shopping, don’t take him to Central Market. You won’t be able to buy anything at all. And I mean any souvenirs, not clothes or shoes. Otherwise Central Market is the place to find some good souvenirs. We also try to bargain as advised on some websites, but it didn’t work even once.

Also you can visit Bukit Bintang. It is strategically located at KL’s Golden Triangle and offers city’s top attractions as well as dining, shopping and entertainment.

Batu Caves is a must see. It is a limestone hill that has a series of caves and cave temples situated in Gombak, Selangor, Malaysia. It takes its name from the Sungai Batu (Batu River), which flows past the hill. The cave is one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside India, and is dedicated to Lord Murugan. It is the focal point of Hindu festival of Thaipusam in Malaysia. Of the various cave temples that comprise the site, the largest and best known is the Temple Cave, so named because it houses several Hindu shrines beneath its high vaulted ceiling. To reach it, visitors must climb a steep flight of 272 steps. Be aware of the macaques jumping everywhere and trying to get your food or drinks while you are climbing the 272 steps.

At the base of the hill are two more cave temples, Art Gallery Cave and Museum Cave, both of which are full of Hindu statues and paintings. This complex was renovated and opened as the Cave Villa in 2008. Many of the shrines relate the story of Lord Murugan’s victory over the demon Soorapadman.

I strongly advise you to see The Ramayana Cave, situated to the extreme left as one faces the sheer wall of the hill. The Ramayana Cave depicts beautifully the story of Rama in a chronicle manner along the irregular walls of the cave.

P and I also visited the Petronas Twin Towers, which were the tallest buildings in the world from 1998 to 2004 and remain the tallest twin towers in the world. I advise you to buy tickets in advance. The organization is very strict and if you don’t have tickets the first come is first served.

Next stop will be about our 3 days stay on Pinang Island.

Don’t mind to ask any questions, I will be more than happy to reply.


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Big city life and roof top view

If you are travelling to Paris, any tourist guide will tell you to go and see the Eiffel Tower, Le Musée du Louvre or Place des Vosges and so on.

Those are definitely worth seeing places, but you might simply miss a temporary exhibition. Therefore, this post is dedicated to such an event.

I strongly recommend you to take some time and go to the Louis Vuitton Foundation. The building is a designed by the architect Franck Gehry and It is situated in the Bois de Boulogne in the 16th arrondissement.

Roof top view to La Défense
Roof top view to La Défense

For us (P. and myself) it looks like the Parisian “Manhattan”, nevertheless the fact that we have never been to NY City. We went to visit the “Icons of modern art. The Shchukin Collection” exhibit, which is opened from October 22th 2016 to February 20th 2017.

Hereafter is a photo of on the wall with some of the artists’ future in this exhibition. 130 masterpieces by impressionist, post-impressionist and modern masters of the Hermitage Museum and the Pushkin Museum. Be aware that there are queues for every gallery but it is worth waiting.


Auguste Renoir
Claude Monet
Paul Cézanne and Me

One of the things that I really enjoyed are the multilevel roof top, which is made of vast terraces. So when we decided to visit the Louis Vuitton Foundation it was obvious that we will make some photos for my blog. Even though before going out P. asked me “Are you going out like that”.


coat: Zara, jean: Mango, shoes: Jonak, bag: Ba&sh

I hope you are going to appreciate my exhibition style from this week end.

I wish you all an amazing week.

Simply Sneji




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Once upon a time in Amsterdam

Once upon a time a girl named Sneji wanted to start her own blog. Even though she is not a native English speaker and blogging is a huge challenge, she decided to dig in and write her first post.

But where do I start?

P. and I decided to spend the 4-day weekend in Amsterdam. So it seems a really good idea for my first blogpost.

Amsterdam is a very special city, not only because of its fairy architecture, but also for its canals, and of course, for the free Wi-Fi, which is available almost everywhere. We didn’t anticipate the fact that we overslept every morning, so we haven’t had a strict planning, where to go and eat.

We started by visiting the Rijksmuseum followed by the famous Van Gogh Museum. The Library of Rijksmuseum is an exquisite place to be. I have a thing about Libraries especially old ones.

We took a boat tour around Amsterdam and the traffic in the canals is quite heavy. The captain managed to avoid several shipwrecks for the 75 minutes tour. We chose the Blue Boat Company, because it was just outside our hotel. P. and I walked a lot and I can fade away between all the small streets and canals and just walk all day long.

If you are looking a place to eat or drink something I recommend De Pijp (The Pipe) or Jordaan district. It is a famous location, where you can find plenty of bars, cafés and restaurants.  Bar Boca’s in Jordaan has the best French fries I ever have eaten. You can also try the Foodhallen, which is well known for its street food.

So here are some photos of our trip. You can see what I choose to wear during our stay in the windy land of Amsterdam.DSC_0031






Hope you like it, and I will be happy to have your feedback, as this is my first blogpost.

Thank you,
Simply Sneji